I Hate Being Alone But It Feels Like You Don't Got A Chance With People.

sometimes it really sucks being alone, sometimes even when you don't have a choice it's almost like when everything against you. try to establish contact with someone hope for the best that it all works for the best, then the next thing you know BOOM!!!! you learn that they can't seem to stand the sight of you they just can't be women or man enough to tell it your face it makes you not want to associate with anyone, it makes you not want to call anyone your friend. The hard thing about it is that you let it get to you so much that can't even cry about it just sit and decide that your better off alone. people these days have become too jaded, too shady, too full of themselves, maybe it's one of the reasons why I feel like I have a social disorder and most cases anxiety problem cause certain people to me seem too intimating. Sometimes the kind of people who can shot you down if you so much as talk to you. Last year I wasn't like this and I was hoping I was never going to again and get the feeling of happiness for the rest of my life when I met my ex it felt she made me so happy she gave the confidence and energy to power through my day and to let me know that everything will be okay. But after she broke up with me I felt even worse than I did before, and I chased more people away more than I did before. That's why I think I think I'm better off alone, I'm never good at talking to people cause everytime and I mean everytime I open my mouth just to talk to someone and establish some sort of communication to be just a little bit friendly it always ends up in a disaster!!!!!! I was born alone so I may as well die alone.
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Likewise, if I ever tell anybody my situation, they will stop talking to me.