A Bubble Of Kith N Kin

i am annoyed right now because people keep going on about friends and family and christmas and all the joys of it .. but seriously i can honestly say i have one real friend.. and maybe two family members that i could turn to.. so friends becomes friend and family am devoid of it.. i feel like i have some type of disability ..... someone... when i woke up this morn just wound me up... make the most of the christmas period .. cook for your friends and family etc but honestly some of us are deprived of those very people in our lives.. because being alone is a deprivation ...it seems its either famine or feast and if you have an abundance of people it increases more so over time..... mines a famine and am starving hungry emaciated with being alone ,having love and abundance and friendship and family .. nourishes you , makes you wholesome ... although i am quite a wholesome person because i lack these things in my life ... i feel my wholesomeness is periodically depleted .... being alone is barbarian and unholy :-)
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Nov 30, 2012