Alone Again, Naturally

it's been two years since I have been in a relationship. over two years since I have gone out on a date or been to a movie or even asked out. Living in a very rural area with no transportation doesn't help matters. Calling myself doing the right thing by moving closer to my mother who is retired and just turned 80 who insists on personally caring for her 100 year old mother has turned into a nightmare of being stuck and alone. Looking around at all the couples and married folks - in a small town most everyone is married or has someone. Those like me who don't are seen as "defective" by everyone else and this just feeds into the cycle.

Would have moved if i could find a steady job but that has been impossible. Disgusted, dejected, rejected and very unhappy. No holiday celebrations around here
digitalmuse66 digitalmuse66
46-50, F
2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I feel your pain. Bless you

I'm sure you will be blessed with something this christmas