My Brain And Me In Discussion

I finished matric 4 years ago and to JHB the next year hoping to get the dream life... Six months into it Irealised i still dont really have friends and havent met a nice girl since i arrived.... I strated studying in 2011 and hoped it would get bettter.... Yes i made a few friends but still everyday when I get home I sit with the same lonley feeling... I went to my hometown this december and only one friend was at home even though we had a okay time the feeling was gone but the moment I arrived back in JHB the same feeling took over..... I really wish I had someone here to talk to....

The family I have here well lets just say in this family blood is not thicker than water.... I am a young programmer and all my insperation and motivation just go out the window when I am Alone in my room straring at my pc like now.... I am putting this into words for the first time but still it feels like it will just fall on empty ears again....

Is there something wrong with me or is it just that I cannot connect with everyone like everyone else?
DNA011 DNA011
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013