Broken Love

My story begins with a very lonely high school girl who just couldn't seem to get a date.then finally I did he became my first love the father of my children . Life was great . Spent 10 years together then one day it ended. I wanted to be more then a wife and mother he was old fashion . I have 3 kids by him. Now life is drama and hard . Then I meet someone after 4 years thought this guy had his life together he has kids so he knows what it's like . After two years of being boyfriend girlfriend I end up pregnant wow. By my surprise he denies the baby . Now my baby is one month old and all I want is to have everything I ever dreamed of someone to share my story with . To love me , to be my other half , to be my teammate , my best friend, my playmate , and to enjoy life with me.
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Jan 14, 2013