Right this is me making the first move and following the rules of dating, its only polite to asking you would you care to take a look at my profile....... Don't know what should be said next .. Ok get your coat on you've pulled chat soon Alex xx I live by

Right here goes WANTED LOVE & HAPPINESS IN MY HEART LIVE BY MUM & DADS RULES  My parents had such a wonderful deep love for each other she would always say live by your mum and dads rules and you will always find love & happiness in your heart  I am now going to tell you what my dear old mum & dads rules are!! 
Rule number 1. Always use manners because they are free  
Rule number 2. Always tell the truth because lying will find you out   
Rule number 3. Always respect a lady because they deserve respect   
Rule number 4. Always be loving because that way you will find love  
Rule number 5. Always be kind because its right to show kindness
follow these five simple rules and you will live a long happy loving life !!!!  and she lived until she was 92
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Jan 16, 2013