I Am So Sick and Tired of Being Alone

I have this deep sense of loneliness inside myself. I've tried to figure out what is missing but I can't. It's like something just left a huge hole in my heart and nothing can fill it. I havent been with anyone since august of last year. Im so sick of being alone but I don't have the self esteem to talk to anyone that im interested in. The last relationship i was in drained me and robbed me of my confidence and trust because it was an abusive relationship. Everytime I try to talk to a guy it's so hard to act natural and not be afraid that i just give up. I wish someone would take an interest in me but that doesn't happen. I guess im going to stay alone for now.

xxpoisonedxx xxpoisonedxx
2 Responses Nov 16, 2008

I absolutely know how you feel. I also recently got out of an emotionally abusive relationship that has left me drained and feeling extremely depressed with no energy to even hang out with family and friends (who all seem to busy to notice anyway). I meet guys but I just dont have the energy or confidence to put forth so it always fizzles.<br />
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But you should have hope because a tiny part of me still does. Think about the person you were before this last awful relationship. I am sure, like me, you were a happy person and had a good life because you were satisfied and confident. Unfortunately, people do come along and rob you of that and we just have to find the people we used to be before them and continue on.

never give up.keep trying.we all meet somebody.x