Not Just a Bubbly Face

I am known to be the bubliest child in the family but boy are they wrong. My parents treat me like i am a six year old girl. My sibl;ings get more mature treatment than i do. Last year i feel pregnant and while i was still gathering the gutts to tell my parents i lost the baby. I can't tell them what had happened because they never take me seriously everything i do to them is a joke. I don't have any friends because my mother questions every friend i get. I am forced to cut ties with them because spending time with them is impossible. I often tend to find comfort in the first guy that proposes me and i always end up hurt. I have no one to talk to about what i go thru. I am tired of finding comfort in sleeping around and in men just hurt me. Help me please, I AM TIRED OF BEING ALONE

shyru shyru
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Hello shyru! I hear you...<br />
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When you depend upon others to "make you happy", you put yourself at the mercy of their moods and vagaries, and it is never dependable (as you have found out). So I would say, sleeping with various people is not the answer to a desire for stability and companionship.<br />
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The only way that a stable, balanced, peaceful feeling can be found, is to find it within yourself; then it does not depend upon anyone else's moods or wishes, and you can go back to it and generate it any time you want to. So find that part of you that is at your core - Who You Really Are - the Essential Self; and once you can realise this, there will be plenty of inspiration coming forth, that you will no longer be lonely, nor place too much attention on what others think of you - you will become YOURSELF ! And you are a beautiful being, just waiting to find that out and use it.<br />
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Bon voyage!