Not Just a Bubbly Face

I am known to be the bubliest child in the family but boy are they wrong. My parents treat me like i am a six year old girl. My sibl;ings get more mature treatment than i do. Last year i feel pregnant and while i was still gathering the gutts to tell my parents i lost the baby. I can't tell them what had happened because they never take me seriously everything i do to them is a joke. I don't have any friends because my mother questions every friend i get. I am forced to cut ties with them because spending time with them is impossible. I often tend to find comfort in the first guy that proposes me and i always end up hurt. I have no one to talk to about what i go thru. I am tired of finding comfort in sleeping around and in men just hurt me. Help me please, I AM TIRED OF BEING ALONE

shyru shyru
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

First of all - stop sleeping around. This is an ego issue. You need to realize that you have more to offer people than your body.<br />
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Second of all - find something worthwhile to do that doesn't involve sex.<br />
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May I recommend volunteer work with handicap children or the elderly. You will find gratifying benefits in helping others.<br />
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You might want to look into a career in counseling. It would be a benefit to others to help them overcome the issues that you are going to overcome.<br />
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Keep informed on your progress. I am concerned for your welfare.