I hate how everyone says, alone time or single time is good for everyone. Have you ever noticed that these people aren't alone themselves, and more often than not have never been alone for more than a month or two? And even the people who say they enjoy the single life, are usually either bombarded by the excitement of the company of a different guy/girl every night or up to the point they decided to "live the single life" had been in and out of relationships never truly being alone. But what about the people, who are just alone, have always been alone, and are worried that they will forever be alone? What are we supposed to do? 

To say that I have never been in a relationship and that I have always been alone would be a lie, but it's been two years! More or less up to about two years ago, I was never truly "alone." But now... what's wrong with me? I just really don't understand and it's heartbreaking. It's unbearable to know that every time I find a guy attractive, or become interested that I don't stand a chance. It's like I'm already out of the running for potential date "material" before I open my mouth. Arguably, I don't think I'm good looking so I shouldn't be and am not surprised, but this is where I come to vent. I think, most of us, wish and hope that somebody somewhere will be so... taken aback and enamored with us, that they will think we are wonderful just the way we are but deep down we know it isn't possible. 

ConStantlyQuesTioninG ConStantlyQuesTioninG
2 Responses Aug 16, 2009

Can I tell you that I am enamored with you?? With your honesty and insight, you are a rare one. I got you beat though, I am by all definitions "alone" and most often enjoy this status. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "we accept the love we think we deserve." Nothing is impossible unless you make it so. :)

Can I give you a hug? No one likes to feel alone all the time.