Had a bit of a rough day, and I was looking forward to getting home, despite the whole countryside being knee deep in snow, accompanied by howling wind I managed to get home fairly quickly, all I wanted...I don't ask for much in was a nice hot cup of tea and to chillax for an hour before grabbing some sleep and get up for early duty at 5am the next morning...sooo at 8.30pm I got find the whole place in darkness...I thought weird..I had left the wall light on in the hall for Aslan and so I could see to get my key in the door...I knew that the "grid" wasn't down(which happens sometimes with heavy snowfalls here) cos my neighbours had lights, so I fumbled about with the lock and finally got in the door to find a frightened Aslan clinging to my legs..I picked him up and tried the I popped him in his cage, clutched the crowbar thing..which just happens to be by the garage door...and investigated further...then I discovered the kitchen floor was soaking wet...the upshot of this situation was..Aslan had, at some point chewed through the cable on the fridge, which then of course brok down and started defrosting, the bitten cable was then lying in the water and blew all the lights....he was subdued for.....all of 5 minutes..while I set about bunny proofing the cable...........Just wanna add, there was a barrier stopping him getting in the kitchen cos of the cooker cable, but he jumped it...

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5 Responses Jan 23, 2013

A comedian said her rabbit chewed on of the bars on its cage and made a kind of spear then walked backwards as the metal stabbed up its *behind*

haha I never realised bunnies could cause so much damage!

The chronicles of Aslan! lol
Watching Narnia just now. ;-)

That is scary!! Poor lil bunny is lucky he didn't get shocked or way worse....You were lucky too!! Thank goodness you both made it thru.... No more bunny near wires... Bunnies are soo cute but they can chew thru darn near anything......

Shocked Aslan was lucky to survive, silly bunny! :-)