DAVID Cassidy

Alright, since i found this website, i have done nothing but share *some* of my sad expierences, and it has been very cathartic to do so, but guess what? I'm tireddddddddddddddddd of doing JUST that SO from now on, anytime i write a sad expierence the next time i have pledged to write of a happy expierence. So here is today's happy expierence!! Every Christmas my 4 siblings and I were overwhelmed with what I now refer to as *Mommy Guilt* gifts. She would keep a strict log and make sure that all 5 kids got the same number of gifts and then we all bought for each other. So my mom's buying alone would leave 100 wrapped gifts under the tree. Well not only were their many of them, but they also were not cheap.

I think i was about 13 when i received what i to this day state as my BEST Christmas gift EVER!! My older sister, speant 2.99 on a poster. The oster was this gigantic picture of the pop star David Cassidy who in my youth I would dream endlessly about how one day he would find me and marry me. I even wrote a letter to him via the Partridge Family saying if they ever needed a new cast member i would be happy to be that person. That reminds me, I must check my mail, i'm sure any day now i will hear back from him.

Well as soon as I unrolled this HUGE poster and realized who it was my face lit up in ways i never though it coulf. Luckily my mother took a quick photo, so I still have a memory of that amazing moment, but even without that photo no one could take that moment away.

Like any young girl with a CRUSH bigger then her own body, i took that poster, which was ONLY of his perfect face and placed it on my ceiling (ooops i was kinky even then) so the last thing i would see when i fell a sleep and the first thing i would see when i woke up was ...... DAVID CASSIDY!!

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I tend to get too wrapped up in serious stuff, and love the idea of focusing on the positive - there is alot of happy in my life too!

LOL, noooo NO Donny Osmond, David Cassidy RULES!!

We must be about the same age - with me it was Donny Osmond!!! LOL