I Believe I Have A Dental Curse

This is happening to me this first week of April 2012:

The infected tooth area I thought was the planned root canal back since December 2011. So when I got the appointment set up. The thought was the same tooth and root canal for $ 614.00 that I was going to put on my Credit Card.  I went to my Appointment this morning. Discovering the work on that tooth was not the tooth infected. And then discovered what was infected was my 4 toothed Bridge. That already is cemented on an already done Root Canal. The Bridge is the bottom tooth frame for my only back upper tooth to chew down on it with my food.  I have a few teeth in my bottom right side of my mouth, but my upper right does not have any teeth to come down on the lower teeth to chew with … No teeth at all to chew on my right side of my mouth.


Doctor Marc R Tomlinson said that the Bridge has to be Extracted.  That gives me the horrors.


After working on this bottom right front tooth of mine Today that really wasn’t the infection I was contending with.  I still have the infection and pain to deal with. Until this so called Extraction of the Bridge.


I asked about getting my Upper Partials as getting and having me some teeth to eat with.  They told me it is too costly.  Like $ 1,603.00.  And that I could get it cheaper at Mathews Denture Clinic Inc.  I went there and they said they would do it for  $ 900.00. It was $ 1,000.00 and they are giving me $ 100.00 Off from it.  But with too much already on my Credit Card.  It can only take just about the only maximum of so much.


I thought Coastal Community was helping with this at one time. I went there about it. And they told me they do not and cannot help me out on this situation. Plus it has been sounding like Republican politics has been getting most of its ways in the last several years. The Darwin philosophy. Social Help Programs are getting their Annual Budget Cuts and making it more difficult to getting needed Services. I think the Mayan Calendar might mean a different World Order Ruling by Evil. Not the End of the World though.


I do believe there is a Curse on me with this. It is so oddly and strange the way it has me stuck in trouble with this deal with me all my life. And so much like this has been Degrading me by all this.

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I'm trying to get my upper Partials made. I have to check with their payment plan and see about getting them. Meantime, I am going to try to floss around my Bridge and continually find warm salt water and Hydrogen Peroxide on this Bridge continuously and see if I can keep it from Extraction. Until I at least can get me my Denture Partials. If this works out this way. Then I can be less of a believer of a Curse. But if you have known all the years of my life. My Dental problems have been rather strange all my years.