Why Not Me?

Every time i pray, the exact opposite happens in my life. The most important time was when my friend had a stroke, and as soon as i heard i fell on my knees and started praying really really hard and i felt like god heard me and as soon as i was done, my mom walked into the room and told me that he had just died. ****

the second time was the only time i have prayed since then and i had just gone to church and was feeling somewhat close to god again and i said thank you for my boyfriend, he means the world to be, blah blah blah. An hour later i find out that he tried to kill himself. He almost dies and was in a colma for a week. Double ****


Am i not good enough or does god just hate me, because it seems like both

happycowluvr happycowluvr
18-21, F
Mar 25, 2007