Sick Of Being The Girl That Only Seems To Have A Cute Face!

I have been fat ever since I was little, i didn't really notice it then, but now?

I notice how I have streach marks on my stomach,
I notice that I "have a cute face" but yet I haven't even had a kiss yet,
I am embaressed to go shopping with friends,
I hate going to the beach, since people will see my fat.
I get made fun of by some friends because of my weight
I hate being called cruel words
I hate getting up in the morning, having to look in the mirror,
I hate seeing my self naked,
I hate when people laugh at me cause I can't run as fast as them
I hate to eat in front of people,
I hate getting on scales at the doctors office,
I hate that a guy won't look twice at me,
I hate being FAT!

I am 17 yrs old, 5'9 and I weigh 220 pounds (considered obese accoding to the BMI)
and I just want to change my life around, but my parents don't take it seriously when I want to go on a diet, having no damn support is tough, and it's easy to say just cut back on calories but I have TRIED.
I have to do something about this weight, but idk what. Since I can't get go buy special stuff, or go to the gym.
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Aww hun I know how you are feeling! I feel the same way EVERY day of my ******* life! My parents don't think I can lose the weight! I want to prove them wrong and my friends! I too HATE going shopping with friends because the stores don't have my size and if I do go into a store like that with my friends EVERYONE in there will look at me and I know what they are thinking! I HATE IT! That is such a BAD feeling! I am 5 10 and well im not saying how much I weigh because I can't come to say it! All I can say is that I need to lose about 100 lbs to be my "ideal" size according to the doctors! I know that this is hard for you to do with no support! I have been trying to lose the weight for over 10 years! If you EVER need someone to talk to or need the support I am here for you hun! Like I said I know how you feel and what you are dealing with! Best of luck hun! <3

im new 2 this site and done no how 2 use it lol i have the same problem with the same worries so i thought id reply 2 u and ask if u wanna chat through e mail?? dont really wanna put my email address on here publically so if there is anyway u can send me a message with ur e mail we can chat and maybe become diet buddys i need some1 too 2 help me lose weight i hate my body and its going 2 change !! :-) stay strong we can do this x