How Did I Become Fat?

i was always a 'little' boy, not big enough to play in the footy team, our family were not too well off so nothing was wated, if i left food on a plate i was reminded of the starving children in india or biafra or some such place, so i got into the habit of eating everything on my plate!
move on a couple of decades, ive got a job as a long haul flight attendant, i discover the delights of not only first class food, ie salmon, caviar, lobster etc , but also the delights of other food around the world, curries in india, noodles in singapore, roast pork in germany, pasta in italy as well as the accompanying beer and or wine, still a very active person i managed to maintain the shape? mostly till atr 50 i got bells palsy and my dr prescribed me prednisone , the side effects were scary, insatable appetite, i just couldnt drive pasty a maccas, or kfc,! but i did put on a great big lump of weight and it never moved, then job wise i moved into a combined mngmt admin role, not so much flying but when i did i was the boss so i was given ther choice of meals etc, that didnt help?a couple of months later a massive stroke knocked me over, 11 months off work, no real excercise, one of my few pleasures in life was now eating; still is! im not really that obese guy in the vmirror but it now seems the root of my problems, my wife hates me for supposed lacxk of self control and so the cycle continues even tried experimental surgery this year with a plastic bag containing saline attached to top of my stomach to compress it, didnt work, bag now out.i try to perrsonally reign i9n my eating, but as i now eat for pleasure its difficult? well see what the new year brings, ive taken on the drink more water challenge, a start? im now retired from work, trying to be active, my knees are packing it in, carrying too big a load? this season i played golden oldies rugby, i intend to play again next season
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I have struggled with my weight my whole life, up and down the scale and now again on the downslide. I do indulge every now and then and I guess I just have to admit I cannot eat what everyone else does and get away with it. I hope all goes well with your surgery in May.

my weight has continued to rise, as a result i am now tipped into the diabetic stage! drastic action required so now im booked in for gastric sleeve surgery on may 25th, hopefully i will lose about 30 kilos in that first 6 to 12 months? thats 30 times 2.1 =60 lbs or so, even then ill be overweight, still obese , but nolonger diabetic, i hope?im currently around 125 kilos 5 foot 7, so a bit of a beach ball! ill update as the surgery starts to work?

Have you gone to your medical doctor recently and had a physical? Voicing your concerns about your weight is important because s/he may want to run blood tests to see if you have a thyroid problem, diabetes, any other health issues that you need to know about (thyroid has a lot to do with weight gain by the way). Personally I'd start there. Get your results and ask the doctor for recommendations. If there is a problem s/he can probably fix it. I know of a morbidly obese woman who ate regular, small, healthy meals yet she became very large, had to walk with a cane and couldn't understand it. She went to a specialist and discovered she had Cushing's Disease (a woman's disease) and that was the cause of her obesity. She would never have known if she hadn't gotten medical assistance.<br />
After the medical work, you might need to book some sessions with a nutritionist. Your wife hating you certainly isn't helping. Perhaps she can become your partner in your quest to slim down and be healthier. Show her your post and see what she thinks.

My brother offered me a beer for New Years. I told him I don't want a bigger belly. But I was wandering if wine is O.k . Isn't it just fermented grapes. Anyway, I am on the 7 day detox diet and I didn't lose weight BUT I feel great. Some how I am getting my energy back. It's strange, I feel slimmer but my weight is the same. If you are interested I can give you details on what I am doing.

im trying to drink more water, but over the christmas pewriod thats been replaced by beer and wine! not good

I have also taken on the drink more water challenge. I believe it makes a difference. I also stopped eating bread or anything made with flour. I'll see how that will go. One step at a time, I guess. We need motivation. There should be some kind of game where whenever you lose 5 pounds you get something.