Impossible To Lose Weight?

I am 22, 5 foot 2, and weight 148. I have been dieting since the beginning of February and haven't lost anything. Not even a pound. I did weight watchers last spring (it worked. 17 pounds) and also a raw fruits and vegetables diet 3 years ago (it worked as well. 17 pounds). I've tried both of these again and have lost NOTHING. What on earth?? I've been trying really hard and it's not happening. I lose a little bit of weight, then it comes right back, before I'm even off the diet. I've tried the #1 diet pill, nothing. I seriously have no idea what to do except give up food all together.

I'm eating all of my food groups, a low amount of calories, and exercising 3-5 times a week, only drinking water. There's really nothing else to do besides go crazy, and I am. I actually lay awake at night obsessing or crying over it. I'm desperate here. Should I talk to my doctor? Couldn't something medically be wrong? Or maybe a nutritionist could help...
Does anybody have any advice?
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Im in the 200s and ive lost 10lbs and 3 pants sizes since i joined this program, 90 day health challenge. Its shakes that you take twice a day to replace two meals and its kosher so it hasnt been tampered with like these other shakes out there and it dont make you go to the bathroom either. I like the program and my aunt introduced it to me because she was tryin to lose weigth herself and she ended up losing a total of 55 lbs so it really works, im pleased with it. If you want more info about it then im more than happy to send it to you but hopefully you will find something that will work for you.

Don't give up.

Yes, you should check with your doctor. Besides thyroid problems there are other health problems that can cause you not to be able to loose weight.

Try excercising and if you still cant lose weight after a month, go to your doctor.I've been through the same thing,infact,my story's pretty similar to yours, I'm a 22 yr old 5'1 female that weighed 145 then I cut back to only 1500 cals a day and regular coke to diet (small steps here people)and started jogging a mile twice a week,and now,3 months later, I weigh 123 lbs,with 15lbs left to go to reach my goal weight.Best of luck to you,I hope it works out for you soon!

have you checked your thyroid secretions? if not, i think you should. yes, you should consult a nutritionist, no mater how less you eat, if your diet is wrong you will keep your weight ( for reasons like water retention, body swelling, etc.) till then you can avoid foods like, aerated drinks, fried foods, sweets, tea, coffee or the stuff that makes your blood acidic in nature.<br />
all the best :)<br />
from an obese but healthy person :D