Hi everybody.
I am 21 and in January of 11 I had weight loss surgery. I had the lap band put in and since then I have lost 64 lbs. I am happier, healthier and I feel better about myself. I still have a good 50 lbs to lose but when I get there i'll be at my goal weight. i'm so happy that i've finally figured out how to harness my will-power!!!
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Im so Jealous!!! J/K, not really...LOL!

Yea...you took it the wrong way! Maybe u should change ur outlook on life in thinking negativity is coming your way. I accept ur apology. i understand u couldn't help it

Im so Jealous!!! J/K, not really...LOL!

i went one step further and in late may had the sleeve surgery done, ive gone from 120 kilos presurgery to 103 kilos today, i dont know what that is in lbs, in australia were metric so ive learnt to use those measures, but its quite a lot, im even wearing lots of clothes id given up on , every kilo lost is a centimetre off the waist as well! ive now ceased being diabetic and am very happy about it, i must be since its irreversable!

www.purepassion.us will help you gain control again.

Just Stick To It. My mom had the surgery and lost alot but she slowly started eating more and streched her stomach and know she is just as big as before the surgery. This took many years so you have to be on constant vigilance. I started a program I fond at www.LIFEPRODUCTSLH.com and I eat 1 meal a day but I get to eat what I want and I take supplements that help me stay healthy too and lose weight. The best rule for a healthy life is find something you can stick with. Good Luck!!!

just keep exersising...the best way to sweat is dancing...even if u cant dance!

hello, congrads, explain yr will power and how it has changed you and how different you feel please... if u dont mind. thanks ~cindykay~~

Congratulations! Keep it up!.