i am tired of feeling fat. I have this issue with my weight, it goes up and down very drastically and for strange periods of time. I just passed the two year mark of quitting drugs and have been very thin for years, but now my weight has skyrocketed and I am miserable! I know that i was probably too thin, now i am too fat and am uncomfortable with myself and dont know what to do...it is consuming me!
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Wow...It's almost been 10 years since this post.

it's depending on your BMI. maybe you're fat for your own opinion. ask advices from expert or maybe you could just find the way to loose weight on internet. i used to be a fat girl, but now ppl said i'm too thin blah blah. but trust me, exercise is the best way. :)

Give yourself time. You will get back into shape.

how much do you weight... how tall are you ect... i use to be slim and sexy curves in the right places now i look like a car tyre.

Jeremy is right beach body really does work!

Congratulations on your life change. I understand how hard it is to stop...I am 22 years clean now :) I also understand how hard it is to look in the mirror when you don't like what you see. You have done so much, losing weight is only another hurdle that you will be able to conquer.

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CONGRATULATIONS! On kicking the habit of substance abuse! That is an accomplishment within itself and that is something to really and truly be proud of. I agree with Nancy when she states that she thinks that the food thing should be treated like a 12 Step Program. There are soooo many people struggle with this from ALL walks of life who really and truly need help. It's good that there is a site like this where people with the same problem and talk about the issues that they have with it. I'm sure that it helps for people to be able to get their concerns off their chest. Sometimes being able to vent helps. Especially during those times where you may not be able to share your thoughts and feelings with family and friends. Good Luck!

don't lose hope yet. i was like you 5 years ago. But i was very determined to lose weight and live a healthy life. <br />
detoxification did the job. maybe you can give it a try.

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k... im a fat too BEFORE dis but now my body turn so slender haha . cos i'll took some diet theory.. which its eat IN balance .. i know the feeling being so fatty .. if u wanna kick that fat off u should have some Healthy diet n DO NOT USE SOME _ANY DRUG at all... its not good N Really am repet agin..its not GOOD!! if u start being practice some healthy diet from now on u can smiles the beuty size at ur body again! HUG!

Sometimes I think the food thing needs to be treated like a 12 step program. One day at a time. Reward your efforts. 3, 30 min walks a week. Watch what you eat, leave a little on the plate at each meal. Make small adjustments and work up to the bigger ones.<br />
<br />
Don't beat yourself up for it. I am sure you are beautiful, inside and out. We are our own worst critics.<br />
<br />
You have my total support. Seek me out if you need a shoulder to lean on.

Very good advice! ;-)