I Am Probably Being Paranoid But...

I feel like the awkward one out. I feel like people are looking down at me because I am the fat girl.

My boyfriend is a super hot bodybuilder and his friends have straight up asked him why he has a fat girlfriend. The thing is we both love exercise and he thinks I'm perfect. It doesn't help me that he likes curvy women because I don't. I hate how I look. Even if I get thin I think I'll still have big boobs and ***. It's how I'm made. At least I have a tiny waist. <3
DianaXxX DianaXxX
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2011

Instead of saying how unhappy you are, do something about it. If your unhappy then change whatever it is your unhappy about. Forget about society it's not about them its about you!!!! If you need help ask me how and I can help you all the way :)

Instead of sitting down and writing about how unhappy you are with your figure, take a walk , or Three !?.

listen - you are very sexy for sure. his friends are tools. your bf doesn't sound as dumb as you made it sound like earlier. lol. be healthy, and like yourself. not to sound cliche, but f society's "body image" bs.