Successful At Life But Over 300 Pounds

I have a great life - 5 great children a 30 year successful marriage and started a business 4 years ago that is thriving. The only problem I have is that I now weigh in at 309 pounds. It wasn't always like this - I started my married life at a slim 152 pounds. But as I had children the weight crept up on me. When I was about 32 I just kept gaining until I hit about 240 pounds. Then I got pregnant with baby # 4. For the past 14 years the lightest I've been is 265 pounds. I've tried everything but have a hard time. I really don't eat more than I did when I was 152 pounds.

I really want to loose weight and think about it everyday. I have thought about the lap band and gastric bypass but hate surgeries and know that I need to have the will power to not eat as much.

I know I'd feel so much better if I lost the weight - any advice of what has worked? I really need to get this weight off to improve my health and life. I am in pain all of the time from back aches and knee pain. I know it's the weight. What I hate most is going to the doctor only to be told that all of my problems are a result of my weight. No duh! It's like they need to tell me I need to loose weight. Don't they know that I already know that - I have a mirror. I honestly don't eat like a glutten. I am tired of being fat and would love to be thin again. I don't know why I was unhappy when I was 180 pounds. I'd love to be 180 pounds again.

Anyway - try to be happy with what you have - There is a way to loose - I just have not had any success at all.
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Hi Id like to help u when will u be online so we can talk

There are any number of ways to lose weight. People laughed and scoffed at me when I told them I was on a calorie counting method. Yet some how I dropped 50% of my body fat doing that. I can list off any number of things you can do. However, I won't I will tell you the one thing you need.<br />
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That thing is dedication. Almost any diet will work. However, they only work when strictly adhered too. This means no cheating, no excuses. It will be hard for you. Because you have a family. This will impact your family life. However, the only way to slim up is to be dedicated.<br />
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I have heard good things about the Paleo diet. I am going to start mine in May. One other thing I say is to lift weights. Build and repair muscle, and guess what you will burn more calories just by sitting around. Also remember you need to relax. How much me/me and my husband time do you take? Believe it or not resting and relaxing is just as important as working out and being strict. Our bodies need time to heal.<br />
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First find a diet though. about 80% of your weight loss will be that. Exercise does very little. What you put in your body will help shape your body.

I've been using this thing called bodybyvi, its a 90 day challenge. Im currently on my second month and have actually lost more than 25 pounds. A friend of mine introduced me to it his page is, you can check out their products and testimonies from other people. Im currently using the transformation kit cause I want to lose a lot of weight, but you can get any other packet that you think would work well with you.