When I stepped on the hotel scale couldn't believe how much weight I had gained. I don't own a scale of my own. So when my husband and I went to spend a night at local hotel I had to find out my weigh. The moment I stepped on to find what my weigh was I saw that I weigh 240. I realized later that it could be from my unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, because I haven't exercised in years.I just can't motivate myself to get started. I have some videos at home that I can do, but find it difficult to do them on my own. I think what's so hard, but we have the NINTENDO Wll so just not certain how to work it. I have tried it once. And found it difficult to keep up. It's actually a video by Jenny McCarthy and you can customize your own program. I haven't done it again, but would like to as soon as I can figure out how it works. I want to start working out again every other day so 3 days a week. And then maybe just do some walking outside or use our treadmill.
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Hi I can help u when will u be online I would like to talk to u

I weight the exact same thing as you. I was quite disappointed with my weight and I am only a teenager. Please stay strong and attempt to loose weight. I am scared that very soon I will die.