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I am 19 and 250 pounds. I have struggled with my size my whole life and I am ready to buckle down and be done with it. I have created a plan to get down to my target weight for my height which is around 170. this means i have 80 pounds to loose. i will be posting on here every week to tell how much I've lost and if i stuck to it. I want to be healthy. I just got married and I'm ready to start my life right with this man.

I am trying to set goals for myself and rewards for them. i know that when i reach 80 pounds i am going shopping for new clothes, ill need them lol. i would like to set rewards for every 20 pounds lost so i stay motivated. i live by the beach so i think when i loose 40 ill go get a new swimsuit. i just cant think of anything to do for 20 and 60 lol if anyone can think of anything please let me know.

also has anyone tried Zumba? i have heard a lot about it and it seems like a fun way to tone your tummy. but how are the results?
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I have a website with 100% free meal plans, exercise routines, vitamin, sleep and attitude profiling. I would definitely say check it out and use the resources, they used to be rented monthly to doctors and naturopaths and recently has been made free. So you get professional guidance on how to lose weight the healthy and natural way.<br />
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As well I own a bikini company that is specifically customized swimwear. If you send me before and after photos, When you reach your goal I'll make you a swimsuit for free. They range from 350-2000$. My line is called Vanity Couture and the website will be up in august. Message me here if you ever need some motivation. And I stand by my word. I will make you, your own customized swimsuit.

Have you heard or tried Body by Vi?? Its a health shake replacement that not only helps you lose the weight and give you energy but it does it in a healthy way. You don't really have to starve yourself because after all this is a meal replacement that taste really good blended with the things that calls for on the recipe they provide for you. I was 240lbs but now im 197lbs i lost 30lbs in 1 1/2 months tops and lost 4 inches in waist size at that time too and still feeling great and lots of energy to do those walks and exercise and more. If you wanna learn more of what the product does and how good its been helping not only me but my boyfriend who lost over 40lbs in 1 1/2 months and is doing really well on the product. My daughter is only 12yrs old and she was 257lbs and she is the reason we are on it to join the program with her so she is not alone. She is down to 243lbs now. She is struggling but with our support she will succeed by the 90day challenge we have greated for ourselves provided by the company. Check out my site when you can and let me know what you think by signing my guest book. Ill get back to you to follow up on it..mahalo

Omg thank you so much! I will e-mail you right away. Let me know if you get my email. You are the best! Yes we definitely will do this together, and we will lose weight! xo

i didnt get anything lol try this one

Hi:) Firstly I would like to say congratulations and good job for taking the first step of wanting to make the change in your life. I as well have struggled with weight my whole life, and I still am. And it sucks! So I am very proud of you. I hope that you do lose all the weight you want, and please keep me posted. Maybe you can help me lose some weight because I am I weigh 245. If you would like to share I would love to know your diet, and exercise plan:).<br />
Ideas for if you lose 20pounds-> pedicure, get your hair done.<br />
60 pounds->go somewhere you always wanted to go maybe a different city, or you and your husband have a date together somewhere.<br />
My cousin did zumba, and she lost 10 pounds in a month.<br />
It is very fun, and you don't get bored from it because you are always doing something different, and the music is so interesting.<br />
Good LUCKK:) xo

love the ideas! i will definitely look into those. now my diet and exercise plan is specifically designed for me. however i would love to help you make your own.
first off i need to know some things, here is my email
i will need to know your height and how much you want to loose. i need to know your body type and your activity level. i will also need to know some of your favorite meals :) as soon as you get back to me ill help you make one up. also try to think of some activities you like to do like the dancing or running or anything really. also any medical problems (I have asthma so it keeps me from doing some stuff)
we can do this together it will be fun!
email me and ill send you my number and we can stay in touch