Depo Provera Made Me Even Fatter

Since puberty I was always a big girl, on the upper end of chunky, but manageable. Very curvy. By age 18 my weight settled and stayed constant, about a size 16. At age 20 I started on Depo-Provera for birth control and stayed on that for about 5 years. In that time, I gained over 100 lbs. At first, it was slow, enough that I didn't notice....sounds odd, but I had a busy life, work, and dating, just didn't notice. New boyfriend keeping me busy too. ;) My level of activity was moderate with bursts of high activity, I was a care provider for disabled children and also worked in a group home, this kept me pretty busy always running around after something or other.

But I began feeling more drained, more tired as time went on. Less active, never want to do anything. Then I finally noticed just how much weight I was gaining as I could not fit in a dress for a birthday dinner, realized just how many new pairs of jeans I had been buying with increasing sizes and not paying attention at the time, but I had gained enough to be a size 20ish. Didn't know how this had happened, I was never much of an eater. After thinking about things, the only thing I could figure was the Depo. Upon doing some research, I found a number of other stories similar to mine...Taking depo had caused many women to gain, on average, 5lbs per shot. After being on Depo 5's the best I can come up with. This medication works by altering your hormones to cause you to stop ovulating. In enter a menopause type state while still being in a young body. Bound to mess some things up!

So now I have all this jiggly fat to deal with, bad metabolism, and I'm tired all the time. I'm now 33 and still feel like I'm hormones are still wierd and fluctuate wildly. On top of having 2 kids and the baby fat that adds onto women of my body type...I'm just too tired to go out and excercise. I'm tired because I'm sedentary and sedentary because I'm tired. It's an awful loop. My joints hurt, I get winded just trying to walk. It's very discouraging.

I'm a quite obese size 24-26 now, at only 5'4". I just want to slim down enough to have enough energy to play with my kids. I'm tired of being fat!
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I have been overweight all of my life , on diets since the age of 10. As the years went on the weight did too., my heaviest was over 18 stone (260lb),. Always being looked at and joked about , never doing or enjoying life incase someone made a comment. Rarely ate out of the house for being embarressed . School life was hell and never wanted to go, so I ended up with no qualifications, in the end at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid , but after receiving T4 meds it was still hard to shift any weight I'd lose a stone then within a few weeks put it all back on ,I was nearly starving myself. Over 15 years later and alot of internet searching I found out my body wasn't converting the T4 to T3, so after finding T3 my life has changed dramatically ,I have lost 84lb in 2 years, and the feeling depressed and tired / joints aching was also due to this , I live in the UK and T3 is not prescribed over here for thyroid patients so I had to find it online , I don't know if I can put the website for you but please contact if you need more info , - .If I had only known of this years ago my life would have been alot different , I always wanted to be an air stewardess but was laughed at saying I would get stuck in the isles . please don't wait until it's too late .Good Luck.