I'm a fatty, too.

I gained 80 pounds due to various health issues, including pregnancy, pregnancy-induced hypothyroidism, getting desk job, taking steroids for asthma, and sleep apnea.  These are the ones I can remember.  Anyway, I am down over 20 pounds.  I am 5'7" and I was 239 pounds a few months ago.  Now, I am 212 pounds.  On April 16th, I joined an office diet competition.  I a plan on losing 44 pounds by August 16th.  Winner takes all, which will be about $220.  The best part is all of the smack I get to talk with all of the other fatties!  I am insisting on weekly weigh ins to keep me motivated.  That accountability does wonders for me.  Also, I am keeping a food journal.  I am using some old, unused Weight Watchers journals for this.  Next, I will come up with some fun activities to keep people interested.  I think Office Olympics would be a fun idea.  We can race down the hallway in our roller chairs, or we can have relay races, using dry erase markers as batons.  The possibilities are endless!  I cannot tell a difference when I look in the mirror yet, but there must be a difference.  I went from a size 20 pants to a size 16 pants.  I can tell that my feet do not hurt when I stand for long periods of time.  I would like to be a size 6 - 8 by Christmas.  I am also going to do one of these 3-months herbal colon cleanses.  I came across the concept on the Internet yesterday and thought why not!  The nastiness that folks expelled from their bodies after decades is amazing.  (Yes, there were pictures.  Ew, but I looked with great interest anyway.)  Being fat does not bother me a whole lot.  I do miss being able to shop at some of my favorite clothing stores.  If everything goes well, I will be back at Ann Taylor in no time!


Update:  Thanks for the encouragement!  On 4/23/2007, I lost 8 pounds in our first weekly office weigh in!  My toughest competition was only down 5 pounds.  He's a 6'6" portly / massive Nigerian man, so I consider my 8 pounds even more of an accomplishment.  I told my competitors that I am on the fence about something....they were intrigued and asked to help.  I told them that I am on the fence about what I should wear the day on my final weigh....naked or a G-string?  Half the fun is talking all the smack!  We might go to a gym and join together.  Good stuff!

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Happy Friday!

No gimmicks. The way to do it is to push away from the table and to move more.

awesome! much success to you :)

this was really encouraging to read! i'm so glad that you are sticking to your plan to loose. i was thinking of getting people to join in with me on my diet thing. it seems to work better when people do it together. thanks for keeping me positive today :)

All the very best. This is also my goal this year.

All the very best. This is also my goal this year.

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Jeremy: It's good that you offer information like this, just in case people need it.

I've come a long way and am back to a reasonable size. I'm ready to have another baby now.

Good for you! I know you must be happy...

I suffered some of the same things as you I looked to deit pills to boost me along but none of them were giving me what I needed. I then tried http://applepatchdiet.com/kl77851 it worked for me along with walking it was all I could give at the time. I have since lost 20lbs and feel much better about myself and my family Good luck

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm glad that things worked out for you!

congrats! keep it up!

I second that!

keep up the good work.. you must be way down now ..I admire your determination.....i started weight watchers in April and did really well until mid July then I went back to my old ways and I am so angry at myself..<br />
I am at home and retired now ..just... but if a weigh in group should start up i sure would be interested in joining that we all need motivation with people who understand what we deal with....

Determination is a very nice attribute to have. It's something that can take you a long way.

How fun, getting the whole office involved! Good for you. Maybe you could do races up the stairs? Glad to see your having fun!

Doing races up the stairs sounds like fun! This is a good activity that might make one want to come back for more! Especially, when the end results show well.

CONGRATS on the eight pounds, must feel WONDERFUL. Your attitude speaks volumes and leads me to the opinion that the 220.00 is yours!!!! Keep up the great work, i think i might try to get a group going on this site for a weight loss challenge. Lord knows i could drop a few ;)

Any amount of weight loss is encouraging! It's a nice incentive to stay motivated!

I agree. That is a great job and a great idea for an activity, lol. Go do some swimming or something. great fun for the office plus you can lose weight. Good to see you have a good sense of humour about this. Stress can make it harder to lose weight. Have fun and don't lose hope.

The Office Olympics sound very fun! It's a GREAT way to keep things interesting!

I give this a 5 for your possitive attitude, and accomplishment thus far! Most people "plan" to loose weight, and then become dicouraged or bored, or even too lazy to follow through with their goal. Good for you! Keep up the good work!!!

Yes. The positive attitude here, is very refreshing.