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I have two daughters and the last thing I want them to do is obsess over there image.  I know I have a huge battle against society and the media to get the message across but I am willing to be david to this issues goliath.  At the same time I was in such great shape only a few short years ago and then I got lazy.  I don't have a lot to lose but I am tired of starting to lose weight and then losing more motivation than pounds.  The motivation burns off a lot quicker than the calories.  I know I will do it but I'm just sick of it and that I should share that.
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If there is anyway that I can help you just let me know. I am very experienced in helping motivate people as well as soldiers. My name is Kyle and I'm glad to have come across your page. I understand your pain because I have been there plenty of times myself. I am currently working for the US Army in Hawaii. I know, what a gig huh? lol I am also a beach body coach and have my own web site with a lot of products that could help but I don't want to press that on you because your not ready for that yet. What you need is someone to motivate you so that you can start motivating your kids. Kids are very important to us. I do not have kids myself but I have always wanted. Doctors say I can't have any children. Anyways enough about me. I want to know more about you. I want to know about your stresses if there are any. your job and the difficulties. Your home life if you are comfortable in telling me. Because I really think I can help you. I can give you my phone number and or email address and we can also start from there. There is a lot of information that I can give you. It looks like your reaching out. All I'm doing is extending my hand. Thank you and God Bless!

Beauty is all in the head

I lost 30 lbs in 3 months and feel great for it. I used a fitness app on my phone which helped me log the calorific value of what I was eating and set me a daily calorie target which would enable me to lose weight. I set it to lose one pound per week but the most important aspect was that I learned how calorific creation foods were. I was eating my daily allowance at breakfast some days. I cut down on highly calorific foods like cheese, crisps, chocolate and fried food. fast food is very calorific. the app has it all logged. I increased my exercise by walking more. I park the furthest away from the shops at the mall. take the stairs not the elevator and other simple actions. look at it this way a burger fries and coke medium size would take most people 3 hours on an exercise bike to burn off!! think about it. 10 minutes to eat 180 minutes to burn off!

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i have a daughter too, i worry about her picking up on my unhappiness with my size. im such a hypocrite - i want her to know that i will always love her, no matter what shape or size she is, and yet i am desperately unhappy with the shape that i am. i guess i need to start taking my own advice!