Am I A Monster?

I have been obese my whole life. I was always teased when I was in grade school. My cousin would have to stick up for me. Now that I am older people still look at me and say things to me that are not so nice. It makes me feel like I am not a person and that since I am fat than people can just treat me like I have no feelings. I have feelings and I am a human being people might find that they really like me because of my personality. Most guys that start talking me before seeing me really liek me but then they find out that I am not skinny and they never talk to me again. I have now decided to change my health and be in control of my weight. I am going to get the gastric bypass surgery which is not a way out of being fat. It is a tool to help me lose weight its does not cure being fat.
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You're certainly not a monster. You seem to be doing the gastric-bypass thing right. Most people don't understand that you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the surgery. Not everybody qualifies either.<br />
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You certainly look pretty, if I may say so. But, I think you already realize that inner beauty is important too. Real monsters have no inner beauty.

Thanks :) thats sweet of you to say :). I agree with you that inner beauty is important also.

Definitely you are not a monster. But know that I also feel so.And I understand you. I'm from Brazil but I live in Canada and when I say to the people here that I am Brazilian they look at me like I had to be thin as the famous models from my country. Its sad!<br />
Good luck with your surgery!

Thats not right and thank you :)

I used to be 200 pounds, I lost 60 and have stayed where I am at now for the past 10 years. However because I too was picked on, I still always think I'm fat. I never think I'm small enough, and it sucks. Therapy probably should be a must so you don't land where I did and still feel crappy about yourself.

I have a therapist and part of the process before getting the surgery is talking to a therapist. but thank you for your advice and taking the time to read my story. :)

I know how you feel , I wasn't always obese but I am now and I feel like I'm invisible . <br />
I wish you luck with your surgery .<br />
Hugs<br />

Thank you :)

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No, you aren't a monster. Other people are, but still, I think that you should go along with this, if it will make people respect you more.

I am getting the surgery for myself not other people but I understand what you are saying :)

Thank you :)

Hi Ashley,<br />
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I am sorry that you are having a difficult time. I would be careful with the gastric bypass. I'm not a fan of that type of surgery. I currently have a step-son who is obese. He had his body fat index taken, which was 39% body fat. That was quite a bit for a 14 year old!<br />
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We have started working with him by sending him to a personal trainer 3 times a week and having him to cardio exercise on his own. We have also implemented healthier eating habits. He used to go out to fast food all the time and he would only eat carbohydrates.<br />
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Before you do something drastic like gastric bypass...which is only a temporary fix if you don't change your start to exercise and eat better. It may help to get a nutritionist, so they can help you.<br />
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I know it's hard to change your lifestyle, but if you follow these simple rules.<br />
1) Do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day. That means getting your heart rate up. You can walk fast. You don't have to run.<br />
2) Only eat protein, like chicken, fish or meat and fruits and veggies.<br />
3) Do not eat anything with sugar, including cola drinks or carbohydrates.<br />
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You will see weight drop fast and you will feel better. Please try this before you do surgery. :)<br />
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Good luck!<br />
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Nicole :)

Thank you for the advice but I have tried the things that you have listed above and this surgery if my last hope to be healthy. I also have a nutritionist already. My doctors have told me this might be the only hope for me which I agree with. I am fully prepared to do whatever lifestyle changes and commitments that I have too. Thank you once again for the advice though and thank you for reading my story.

Good for you that you are taking control of your life! I am glad that you understand that the gastric bypass surgery is only a tool to help you. :) Good luck in losing weight!<br />
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And about all the people who stopped talking to you after they met you face-to-face, they suck. Judging you by appearance is dumb because then they will never know what a great person you are!

thank you! I completely agree and thanks for the support. :)

You're welcome. :)

Don't change into someone which the society consider as "normal" nowadays. And if you're going for the surgery, I would say go for it, not because of what others will think of you after but all benefits of being healthier. You should motivate yourself to excercise and eat healthy to be a healthier and happier person :) one day, you'll find someone who loves you inside and out!

Thank you and I am doing this surgery for me and it will help me get rid of a lot of health issues that I have. I just know that I will never be able to date someone that wouldnt give me the time of day the way I am now.