I Want To Loose Fat

Iam fed up being fat. I know if i loose fat i loook awesome but donno how do i loose it?
I wanna shed that fat and become slim and wear all kind of dresses and loook great
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I don't know anything about body by vi but I do know that AdvoCare has worked for me and hundreds of others. One of the things that interest my about AdvoCare is the testimonals and the hundreds of NON paid professional athlete Endorsers. In today's world Pros will say anything for millions of dollars. Wouldn't you. These athletes don't get paid. It doesn't hurt to check it out at bettermewithadvocare.com. Listen to the testimonials and endorsers. Checkout youtube as well. If you decide not to do it then there is no harm. Good luck and God bless

Hi my name is Nicole, I read your post and I want you to know that I feel just like you do!...I too am fed up being fat! I've weighed 230 lbs for the last 5yrs. im only 5 ft 5 in and im 28 yrs.old! ive always been pretty thin my whole life but a health cond. has recently caused me to blow up! I feel like im too young to be this unhealthy! I just don't know what to do I've tried everything over the counter, presc<x>ription from my dr. I have a gym membership (that yes people I do use! religiously!) I have spent so much $ on excercise equipt. for my home and even more $$$ on various weight loss "programs" Im just fed up! I don't want to do WLS I want to lose it all myself from good ol' fashion diet and excercise but it's just not working, I do have a thyroid condition but am on thyroid meds that should be helping and are not!!!....I do however have one last resort...I just Now...(I know, I know it's been out on the market and blowing up with popularity for a while now!) but i've just found about a product called Visalus and Im really excited to try it I know ALOT of people.... personally that have had TONS of sucess with the Body by Vi shakes!....Im looking for a friend to chat with, and share my weight loss journey with! if you'd like to talk message me! =)

Checkout AdvoCare. I used it with great success. I lost 14lbs on the 24 day challenge. Go to bettermewithadvocare.com Good luck!

i just used the 24 day challenge with advocare lost 13 lbs and 3 inches im also a distributer
i agree with you all th way

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