I'm 21 and having a very difficult time.
I'm only 5 ft tall so any extra weight really shows. After my 1st yr of college I put on 10lbs and was 140 but I still looked ok. I got married almost a year ago and after taking birth control pills I was gaining 10lbs a month even though I was exercising more than ever and eating less. I finally quit taking the pill because I hated how it made feel and hated gaining weight but a little too late because now it has totally messed me up. I'm about 40lbs heavier and I just feel so horrible. I don't know what to do I literally eat tiny meals and exercise and the weight won't leave. It has been almost a year of me trying to loose the weight and nothing.
My husband is so sweet and supports me and tries so hard to make me understand that I'm still beautiful and that he still loves me and that he doesn't care. But I can't bare to look at myself, to feel ok, to be happy, I just feel HORRIBLE.
I really wanted to take pictures for a Christmas card this year and we went today JCP and oh my when the girl was showing us the pictures and telling us how cute she thought they turned out I was fighting the tears so hard because the only thing I could think of was that I looked like a little ball.
This weight gain is killing me inside mentally and it is horrible for my health because I'm asthmatic and the extra weight is really bad.
Please some one suggestions on what I can do
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