Im Still Fat.

in 2005 and most of 2006 i was at my max weight of 240pounds.i lost 100 pounds and got down to 140 and was at 144 for a long long time.

in 2011 i gained and went from 144 pounds to 207 pounds. i had a baby who is now 5 months and my weight is 168 pounds as i type this.

i sick and tired. my old slim jeans dont fit and im DE-freaking TREMINED TO LOSE THIS NOW!

IM on a mission and i just had to share. today is the day. i dont care about what i tried last weeek or last month. today is the dang day. im on a mission.

my foot is injured from jogging but im still going to work this out cuz i read weight loss is 80% eating habits and 20% exersise.

thats it for now. but i hope to inspire. i write more later.
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10 Fast Weight Lost Diets Tips
1. Replace Sports Drinks after Exercise – Drink“electrolyte” water to receive the same benefits you would from a sugary sports drink—without the added sugar.
2. Water First – Drink a large glass of water 10 minutes before meals.
3. Sleight of Hand – Trick your mind. Use smaller plates when you eat and you will be reducing portion sizes and calories.
4. Slow Down – Eat slower. Put your fork down in between bites.
5. Chew Well – Digestion starts in the mouth, and if you don’‘t fully digest your food, you miss out on some of the nutritional value.
6. Leave Behind the Multitasking – When it’‘s time to eat, sit at the table and eat. You will eat less if you concentrate your energy on eating slowly and purposefully.
7. Not So Fast – After you eat, wait at least 10 minutes before thinking about second helpings. Routinely waiting 10 minutes will help you differentiate between not hungry and full.
8. Closed for the Night – Close the kitchen early so that you aren’‘t tempted to snack in the evenings.
9. Treats and Cheats – When the urge strikes to cheat and nothing else will do, make your cheat-treat from scratch.
10. Healthy Cheats – According to Dr. Andrew Weil, plain dark chocolate, used sparingly is the only healthy sweet.
This is an article I saw it at to help some one who want to lose weight effective and safe.
Good luck!

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