Selena's Surprise

Selena Applegate was a very slender little 20 year old who weighed only 89 pounds. She only ate foods under 100 calories and never cleared her dinner plate. Michael Stander, Selena's boyfriend, made her see her doctor, Mr. Zachary.

"Selena, you are a 50 pounds underweight. You need to try to gain maybe twenty pounds." Mr. Zachary said. Selena curled into a ball. More of an oval. She did not want to gain weight. She shrugged and decided to maybe let loose on her diet.

Selena and her best friend Wendy went to Five Guys for lunch that day. "And WHY did you want to go to FIVE GUYS? They have like 300 calories per FRY?!" Wendy interrogated.

"I have to gain twenty pounds," Selena mumbled. She turned to the cook. "Make that a double fry! With extra salt!" Selena shouted.

When the food came, Selena enjoyed it more than anything. She ate 2 burgers and her whole serving of fries. Selena walked home. "I should do this more often! Selena chuckled. And that is exactly what she did.

Every day, while lunch break was on at work, Selena ordered calorie-stuffed fast food and ate it a lot. After a few weeks of the diet, Selena thought that she could be following Dr. Zachary's orders! Gain weight!

Selena bumped up the junk. She ate 3 McMuffins for breakfast every day and had a cappuccino McCafe as a drink. She snacked on cake pops at work, because she DID have to gain weight.

After gaining 20 pounds, Selena still kept the eating pattern. Every time Michael told her to stop, Selena kept saying: "Doctors orders, Mike!" And continued eating.

Soon, Selena weighed in at 150 pounds. It was becoming obvious that she was in a horrible diet. Her shirts were very tight and showed rolls of fat. Selena had a bit of stomach hanging down over her private area. Selena did not seem to care at all. She just ate her unhealthy diet. She even got Michael and Wendy to join in her diet, too. They became addicted.

4 months later. . .

Selena, Michael, and Wendy were sitting in the office of Obesity Doctor Harold Hatcher. Selena weighed 400 pounds. Michael weighed 423. Wendy weighed 442. They were reput on a strict low-calorie diet and a daily workout plan. They did not do it though, unless that means going to Five Guys every day for lunch and dinner.

Wendy fell out of her chair. She was having a heart attack from too much belly fat. Wendy was immediately shipped to the hospital, where Michael lay getting a fat removal surgery with Selena.

After the surgery, they regained the weight and died of strokes. Remember- if Doc says to gain weight, don't gain too much!
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Jan 8, 2013