I Am So Done.

I am so tired with being fat, I mean the negative thoughts I have about my self just are enough. I have a dream in my mind about how the perfect me would be, and I am not even close. My perfect weight would be 125 pounds and I am 150. The worst part is I am only 14. My whole life I have been overweight. I dont even eat much at all. The only thing that could be the problem is that I am always sitting around on my laptop. Also, I eat a moderate teenage sized amount of junk food. These are the only reasons I can find for this. The feelings I have about myself, are truly negative and they are just destroying my confidence. I am not confident in how I talk, how I walk, how I think, how I act, nothing. All my actions are based off my confidence level which is at a -1000. Please help me, give me tips to lose weight, anything. Please. I need help. Losing weight would mean the world to me. I want to feel confident in myself. If I was thin, my whole outlook on life would change. Please help me.
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Ok losing and gaining weight is mostly about intake and burning food. You probably need between 1500 and 2000 calories. If you lets say diet and you minimize 300 calories a day you do a good job but, and there is a big but ... to burn 1 pound of body fat you need to reduce approx 4000 calories, so nearly 2 weeks.
Here lies a problem because 1 McD Big Tasty Bacon is like 900 calories ...

The best action is change your eating habits so you eat less calories. Besides that you can burn calories by exercising, find a sport you like, walk a few miles a day, anything.

Good Luck :)

See this is the kind of stuff that makes me mad. Ur not even fat!! I am fat. I am 320 pounds and I am 17 years old. I have been fat my whole life and the only thing that has ever worked for me was being bulimic. As soon as I started to lose weight my thyroid decided it was going to stop working and I gained 80 pounds. U don't need to worry about an extra 25 pounds. People can **** off if they think u are fat. There are people like me who deserve the label fat but u don't. And if it really does mean that much to u then just get off ur laptop. But I'm so serious when I say ur not fat. I would give anything to be ur size and hunny if I was u I would work it!! Don't be pressured by the media. I bet u look ten times better than those 90 pound freaks! Be happy with who u are.

Honestly, that's your problem....you don't HAVE to be skinny, I'm sure you're gorgeous just the way you are. I understand how you feel, I'm at 130 and I hate my body so much.......but honestly, I think all sizes are BEAUTIFUL. They really are. If you're "fat" you have curves, right? Believe it or not, boys like curves more than flat lines. If you lose weight, it's highly likely you'll lose a couple cup sizes too, and that's not good! ; Think about all the successful overweight women there are in the world. Despite their size they still got married and achieved great things. You can too :) Your weight does not define you. I would suggest going to mybodygallery.com it really helps me feel better :D And if you really want to lose weight, do it healthily. Exercise, and go to the gym. :)

Look, if you wanna start now, just do it, ok? I understand, it is advertising, but i wouldn't really do it if it doesn't work. It is your choice to make but in this case there is a way back, cause money back is guaranteed in 90 days. So go to http://annak90days.bodybyvi.com, join the challenge and see the result. Well, good luck!

I know exactly how you feel. I do zumba twice a week, do starjumps in the house wherever I can. Have you got a dog take him for a LONG run
I also am fat and have ZERO confidence am ignored at school and am sick of seeing all the skinny people get the attention from the boys.
Dont use the laptop when it is plugged in to the power supply and keep it like that for a week so you only use it when you have to so you dont spend hours on end on it trust me that is me exactly just one year younger. We could help each other