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I am a mother of 4 children. I am a 27 yrs old and cant seem to get the weight off. I feel that if I keep going down the path that I am I am going to get bigger and bigger. I have problems with trying to keep up with my kids. I want to be healthier not only for my kids but for me also. I dont want to leave the earth to early.. I have tried so many times to lose the weight and nothing. I have talked to my dr and even they tried me on different meds and still nothing... I want to be me again I dont know who I am anymore.
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I am also a mother of 4 i completely get it i was 120 size 0 when i got prego for the first time....gained 60 then 40 then 30! think u get the pattern! Problem was i wasnt losing it in between kids. Now 4 kids later im 120lbs over weight! I have managed to lose almost 30lbs but i got off track (i didnt gain it back just plateaued) I am trying again bcuz i have free gym at my apts. My husband doesnt care either way he is one of those guys that likes a bigger woman but he also wants me to b healthy and there is nothing good about obesity. One thing i will say is some diet things are true i lost the 30 by switching to water and diet soda, i ate 6 small meals 200 calories for breakfast and lunch, lots of pretzels for snacks and then i ate anything i wanted for dinner! fairly easy and i lost about 2lbs per week sometimes more sometimes less and mind u i never worked out! Good luck :-)

mamn why waste ur money to become healthy? Everyone deserves to be fit and live a healthy life for free! Go to, everything on this site is absolutly free! im not kidding thats the site im using they have full free meal plans and guides along with full workout calanders with vids that show you exactly what exersise to do each day , everyday has 1 ta 3 workout vids and they Great and are absolutly free and the coach responds to all ur questions and emails u may send him, i just hate to see a women who wants to be healthy have to pay for it its pathetic YOU deserve to live a healthy life for free , I use this sight and i have seen results i reckon u give it a try wont be dissapointed garanteed! :D thanks - Your friend- HELPING HAND ^_^

oh i also forgot with the workouts absolutly no workout equipment is needed and they can all be done right in ur home so no need to go out to a gym or anywhere for that matter :)
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Look, i'm just offering this to everyone here, because i know, it will help. There are soo many stories like yours and people, who said to themselves "Enough! I gotta do something" pushed their crazy situation and now they are happy! Now it's all in your hand to sit like this, or do something. What i offer is 90 days challenge from ViSalus. Money back is guarantee! So go to, join the challenge and send me your beautiful pics in 90 days!

Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

I think it's better to be fat. Many men like bigger women mabye your husbands one of them but is to scared if what you would say. My point is:don't worry. If anything try to gain more weight! It's sexy!

I have over weight problem. I was lose 1 kg for a week in autumn but the winter came soon and I put on weight again.

life can be nasty and it will kick u down and force you to stay there if you let it, but thats the thing Throw a hand in lifes face and take control! i wish you all the succes if u wana try free everything to a healthy lifestyle go to :) thats the site i use and its great! "why pay to be healthy u deserve to be healr free!" -Coach Kosak hasfit trainer ^_^ thanks hope i helped your friend -Helping hand ^_^

healthy for free* pardon my bad keyboard skillzzz ;)

Thank you.