Erg.  This Past Week I Ha...

erg.  This past week I have felt HORRIBLE about myself.  I know, I know... There are so many cliche things I can tell myself to make me feel better... the point is I don't feel good about the way I look nor the way I feel health wise.  I've gained 2 or 3 pant sizes since December when I met my boyfriend.  I don't know how many people have said, "It just means your happy."  Well I'm not happy with this.  I'm wearing my "fat Jeans." eh.  When I get breathless from simple tasks it's time to do something. 
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2 Responses Jun 28, 2007

wel well i am in d same position......fat and getting fatter..4 2010 i plan to loose it

I know what it is like to wear fat jeans. One time, I was in a position where I had to wear my mother's fat jeans. Now, that's the worst of the worst. Do you feel like you are taking in more calories, or is this from medication or a health condition?