Im Fat And I Hate My Life

**** my sitting at my table drinking an entire bottle of wine..looking for cosmetic surgeons in athens.

i HATE a whale im ashamed,embarassed to go outdoors,nervous that people are making fun of me because of my weight..

im a black 22 yr old american obese ***** married to a 46yr old white greek man..everytime we go out its like a freak show...i cant take it anymore!!

im ashamed to go to the gym because i constanty get stares and i stay home watch maury and eat junk food...

i told my husband i may kill myself if he doesnt get me plastic soooo depressed..i cant stop eating..and i lack the motivation to exercise on a regular basis..i dont  know i i can go on...i never felt so bad about myself

what can i do

neeqa neeqa
22-25, F
3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

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You have to pick yourself up and do what u gotta do!! Dont be afraid of people looking and stuff who cares live your life ! Go out for a walk, get a dog, do something a lil on the heavy side also but im not afraid of people they can kiss my *** for all i care lol sign up for a only female's gym like curves and you wont feel so self conscious..u gotta take that first step..once u do the 2nd will be easier..<br />
<br />
suicide is never the solution thats for sure..too many things to do and see in this world, dont miss out on that.