Always An Outsider!

Hello, I don't know where to begin my entire life I have been left out! during school I was a chubby kid that never had too many friends and the few I had made fun of me behind my back I always wanted to learn how to dance and I have never been given the chance. I am a very sweet person with a good heart! People sometimes say that I am beautiful but I am still left out !~ My boyfriend has never took me out on a date I have been with him for 5 years now! I even moved to MA from NC left behind all my family for him I really need some new friends that understand what I am going through! I am a very loving person that loves to listen to people and share advice!
MissyRae1 MissyRae1
2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Can relate. Am not fat, but 'have my dyfferences, and't often seems that people couldn't care'f we lyved or dyed. That's the reacshun from people. Too much to ask for a hug or compashun. They are the shallow ones who have no respect for us who thynk or appear dyfferent.

You sound like a sweet person, I to am a semi chubby person that was always nice to everyone around me but got bullied on a day-to-day basis, try talking to some more people and remember, be yourself. If people hate you then they just want to be you or know you. ;)