The Constant Pain I Am In.


I have constant Pelvic pain ever since surgery about twenty years ago. the doctors have given me pain relief but nothing works anymore ,they think i have adesions ,they say it is neuropathic ,whatever they say i wake up in pain and go to bed in pain. i have taken so much pain relief i could open a chemist .

will it ever end. 

sandra57 sandra57
56-60, F
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This is my life also! Are you as lonely as I am?

Hi do u want to cht I'd like to help u

Sorry to hear of your pain. I am in pain all the time as well, and doctors haven't been able to help me at all.

Dear,<br />
Please find some good Bowen practitioner and start with therapy, it is wonderful treatment and I m sure you will benefit a lot!!!!<br />
Good luck.<br />

{hugs} sadly I believe there is pain relief out there but if you live in the US its probably not legal for physicians to prescribe it (they come under scrutiny) or the FDA has pulled it or not approved it yet (they are a horrible bureaucracy, I hope you can get rid of them someday) or, doctors think you are a drug seeker and minimize your pain