My Wrist

It's awful being being in pain, all day long. I'm guessing I am a bit luckier then others in this group as I have always had this pain and can almost push it into the background most of the time so I can live a almost normal life.

My pain is in my wrist, its a rare bone disorder which made my bones in arm grow at different rates. The end result was one of the bones curving and bending and the ends of both rubbing in my wrist. Hence the pain.

I've had a few things done over the years, Physio, injections, ops to remove the nerves in my wrist, just to name a few. None have worked for long, the injections were the best but unfortunately I am not allowed to have them anymore. The worse idea- which I couldn't make myself do- was to actually break my bones and insert pins and the stretch the bone over 6 months. I did consider it until they told me it would probably make my arm look more normal rather then stop the pain- I don't care how the arm looks I care about the pain!

As I said I can deal with it most of the time, its just those periods when the pain really flares up. It is almost like someone is sticking rusty blunt knitting needles repeatedly in my wrist, the pain overtakes everything else. Nothing and I mean nothing can stop the pain I just have to live until it stops. It doesn't help that I can not use painkillers for the day to day pain as I react badly to them

I deal with it by trying not to set it off, it does mean I do miss out of stuff I would love to do. I don't miss out on much as I refuse to let my condition rule my life. There are times when my life does stop and that upsets me so much, I hate the feeling of no power I have when it happen.
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sorry to hear about that, i hope you would overcome that and get better soon, wish you all the best and i hope that everything works out for you, stay strong!((hugs))

I was diagnosed with the same deformity and my bones are deformed the same way. I was also diagnosed with carpal and cubital tunnel constantly in pain some days worse than other. Some days it's with certain movement others just every move. I'm getting injections but unfortunate I have to travel 4 hrs to the nearest doctor who would treat me. But the pain is constant

I hope the injections work for you, I found them best but unfortunately I can not have them anymore. I can't even take any painkilers other then the very basic ones which don't even touch the pain when it starts to get bad.

Do you find that gentle stretchs and exercises help? I have done them and found myself that they don't help and in fact can increase my pain but I have heard of other people who say it helps. Just wondering if maybe I have tried the wrong exercises.

I hope you find a way to manage the pain that works.