This Is Home

That moment of the day i hate the most...
Is when i come home.. An empty house
And when i see my parents home
Its like two strangers
A woman who i cant get
I cant understand, or love
A father that i admire..
But in a way I am distant towards..
I cant fit in this house..
The best times of my life is when im not with them..
The moments i truly smile are far away from here... I cant really smile in this place
I just desire to get out
I dont say a word.. Ignore their complains..
Accept what they say and turn away..
I cant live here any longer
I might turn to be insane
If i am not already, from all this mess
This house is full of bullshit
And with a cigarette in hand
That is my only escape to find myself
kikiangel kikiangel
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2013