Every day I wake up with so much pain it is as if I don't even want to go on. But I finally after 15 years of this went to a pain clinic in Vestal NY. It was very very painful the prosedure they did but after a few days I found I could get out of bed and nothing no pain no feeling of oh god here we go again another day of just get by. NO I felt good, I mean good not great but good one step at a time. I figured and wow each day got better and better it last I guess up to 4 to 6 weeks sometimes longer. Mind you I just started this but dang.great to feel good. Went back yesterday still hurt but not as bad as the first time I went now it will take less time to feel good again how much better mentally physically I feel I almost want to jump again. I have fibromyagia and arthritis and am a diabetic taking shots all day and well crohns and a crap load of other stuff and that I can deal with as long as I have no pain. if your in the NY area go to your pain clinic it can only help honestly they have so many new treatment now a days and god it feels good to feel good I am sharing this here only 2 other people in my life know my real pain and they deal with me is all I can say now they deal with my pain a bit less. be happy each day you can stand up and walk get busy doiing stuff you like go it it check ed out dont be afriad like I was and try those pain clinics. Love you all who deal and love you all who will go a bit further to get it taken care of so sorry for the misspellings I had a brain injury and it took alot from me but not everything.
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Jan 15, 2013