Again And Again

this group totally sums up how i feel today. i gave someone a second chance, after he let me down last time and its happened again. i feel mad at myself for letting it happen, when in actual fact, i knew it would all along. i'm such a strong person normally but not when it comes to him. i need to be strong and delete him out of my life. otherwise this will happen again. i know this. i feel gutted to my core and am really struggling today. when will it work out for me, and turn out right?! feeling.... rubbish : (

cloudlessworld cloudlessworld
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1 Response Feb 19, 2010

i don,t know why peolpe promise me than they just let me or never tell me i kept telling peolpe don,t promise me anything if u can,t keep it<br />
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no wonder why i losed most of my friends over this <br />
<br />
no one realise what would happen if they did let me down