Just Me Me And Only Me

Well where do i start. After my marrige started to break down i cut myself off from everyone to try save what i had. After three years of trying to save it i had to give in. Not only did i have to walk away from my ex wife now but my family life also. i work away for periods of time 5 weeks at a time where i spend most of my time alone but when i'm home i have my children stay with me. What i have found is i've lost the technique of interacting with other people. Not only that but i don't want to. all i want to do is spend my time with my three lovely kids but i know that isn't good for me.
I have no social life i just cannot seem to find the get up and go to meet people. it has been three years my life has been like this.
Does anyone have any suggestions..just for information i don't miss my wife...
middletoe middletoe
Sep 5, 2012