Wanna Cry Hard... :,(

i'm 30 yrs old lady...3.5 yrs of marriage..i dedicated my life to my husband. but he doesn't seem very much interested in me. After having a Girl child i left my job too. i live with my hubby but he never gave me that much of his time as much i deserved.And now my baby also long all day for him and as usual..he doesn't have time for us. I left my previous friend circle due to some circumstances..and after marriage i couldn't form such a circle again. Perhaps I am surrounded with the people not interested in me. when i find someone i can relate with..by chance she is already friends with another someone and here i fail to make a friend. Most of the time they don't give a **** about talking to me...it's only me talking to them.
Now i dont have anything in my hands accept my daughter who loves me a lot but not able to fill the space in my life that makes me lonely. Out of frustration, i beat her often.. and i am afraid she will leave me too some day.
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