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my name is ami..(its fake) dad expired when i was 4 yrs..i still remember the day..its so clear..vivid.. my dad worked  on a ship which traveled between maldives and other countries..(i am from maldives).. he was on that danm ship when he died..he fell from somewhere...-i guess its very high- and passed out..i mean he was unconscious.. the people on the ship never cared..and after very very long time..they took my dad to a hospital..(they were near brazill).. dad was still breathing when they took him to the ER of the hospital..after sometime they brought the dead body of him..there were many they have done a surgery on him...i don't remember my sister have a photo of him..thats the only photo we have...i know nothing about him..

after that my mom worked hard to fullfill our one helped us..not even my uncle..(he still doesn't talk to us..anyways i hate him) so we lacked parental support and love..i never thought of my dad...but when i started growing up..i cry and cry untill no more tears will come..i was depressed all the time..and no one cared for me..and then i came to male'(capital of maldives) for my secondary years of studies..i was left with people i call sisters-but they turn out to be animals-...

now i am 16 yrs old and 13 years since my dad's death..i still can't accept it..from a corner of my heart, i still believe that he will come one day, hug me and say "daddy's back...honey"...

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ami.<br />
I am so sorry for your pain. Sometimes, as we grow up, we begin to grieve for things that happened when we were very young. I guess our mind waits until we are old enough to handle it. So, our minds are wise in that way, But, the pain can be so great and hard to bear. Give yourself permission to feel the pain and grieve your grief, but each day find things that bring you joy. Find things to be grateful for, even if it it just that you are alive enough to feel the pain, that you can see, walk, etc. Gratitude is very healing and will sustain you. I send you a prayer and loving energy from my heart to yours.

Hello Ami<br />
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im sorry for you loss... its always difficult sayin goodbye and parting with loved ones.... im the same. I find it very hard wen I am with family.... and then they have to leave go back home.. I hav sisters married abroad... and wenever they come and visit its always so hard.. to see them go.... Can only imagine what it is like to lose someone this way.<br />
I will say a special prayer for you... and may your heart find peace. I do believe there is a life after death... and one day we are all going to be united with the ones we have lost... however while being here.... n your dad being where he is... he is still there with you. Sometimes we dont understand the mysteries of life... but just knw there is reason behind all of it. Say a prayer for your father... you can talk to him too... it would be nice to get to know you... take care of yourself