Being Nice

So far, I have been nice to everyone even the one's who have been ****** with me.  You know what?  I won't be tired of it...I'll continue being nice cause I AM a NICE person after all!
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seagirl1 you can be nice yes people may think you are a push over but you can point out in a nice way that behavior will not be tolarated and most time people will think and quite often an apology comes from it.

While I agree its nice to be,nice,ive often been nice to folk who havr treated me,like ****,an what message does that,give?sometimes encouraged them to do it,again or never made em,question their behaviour,or realize they werent valuing me!hey,its not always good to be nice!you also have to stand up for your rights an be treated as equal an wi respect!

nice is rewarding sometimes =)

Im a very nice person and i dnt like when people b a**h#$ so should i be on here? and my feelings get hurt very fest

I think I'm nice but check out my profile and chat with my friends cos I might be joking! Be as may I might not! Have fun be happy and enjoy lifes to short to get grumpy.

Right on! :-)<br />
<br />
We're very similar!

I'm with you whatever...for me, it's just wayyy easier and a lot more fun to be nice and look for the things that make me smile. Anger uses up a lot of energy that I'd rather be using for enjoyment. Stay nice! :)

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Power to you for being nice. Yes. E.P. needs nice like you around.