Tired Of It All

Why do the nice people get taken for granted. I mean I am only 23, but I will do anything and everything for people. I am the type of guy that gives money to the less fortunate, donates to charities, listen to all of my friends rants, and lets anyone and everyone into me heart like they are family. I will go to the end of the earth for anyone who is in my life. There have been times when my friends are so upset at 4am and I will wake up from sleep get dressed and go and be there for them, no matter what. I am one of the people that LOVE TO LOVE. But for what though? Just to get stabbed in the back, thrown to the side, get my heart broken over and over again, and to just be plainly disappointed. I just feel like giving up and just being done with being nice. I just can't take it anymore.
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Stop being such a ***** and get some confidence and self respect. **** I don't know whats wrong with you but here is one possibility. You don't actually like yourself and you have no confidence. You think that being nice to everybody will make them like you and then they will tell you how wonderful you are. You need to stop depending on other people to derive your self worth and realise that you are worth something to yourself. When you realise you are worth something to yourself, you realise you dont need other people, and you can stop letting the ******* walk all over you! In fact you can then start walking all over other loosers if you want to. The problem put another way is that it seems you expect something back from the people you help. If you didnt then you would have nothing to be upset about. Sounds like you give with the expectation of recieveing something back, either directly or indirectly. Stop giving, learn to say no.<br />
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Thats just what I think.

Amen, you and me bother. It could be a blessing in disguise.<br />
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In my case it is a blessing because my phisical apearence tells the oposite story of how kind I really am. I beleve that my hidious, villainess, and intemidating apearnce helps protect my true essence.<br />
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In your case you bave been blessed with an ability that is becoming more rare as our world and socitey submits to greed and selfishness.