I Am Tired Of Being Nice

i love to do things for people whom i care about, its not all the time. on the same note, i love to forward beautiful e-mails, basically i like to share what i like or make people happy. Dont get me wrong. i dont let people step all over me, i am not always giving gifts. Just often i get the inclination to do something nice. But i find myself dissapointed because i find the people closest to me dont do that. My husband is very nice, i am talking about friends. is it too much to ask, that someone could call me or send me an e-mail stating,.'hey, i had a good time with you at our outing, lets do it again. i do that! I forward at least 2x a week e-mails and there are only 2 people who also forward me e-mails, yet i would be innundated if everyone who i sent an email responded. yet i still send these e-mails. Now i realize i am beiing petty. But iwish people were more thought-ful, i care about my friends and i just dont seem to attract caring friends. thank god for my husband, yet i like to have girlfriends but lately i find myself relating more to men as friends, perhaps because when i was in my teens and twentys i saw men as the "foreign" . but as a married person i cant have too many male friends, its a dilemma for me.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

i never thought of it that way, i am trying to expand my circle, and this is what i am experiencing. I expect too much from people and i am not talking about material things. but at the same time, if i do give a gift, its not because i want something in return. thanks for your response, it has given me another perspective. my husband has his hobbies, so i have concentrated on myself for once.

it's hard to have a husband and friends and make time for both.