How long will it take for the pain in my heart to subside...I wonder? The end of a marriage, the death of a loved one, a home, the loss of a beloved pet, and more. And all of it in the span of four months.

Sometimes I can feel the strength to go on, but out of the blue the pain strikes with a crushing blow taking my breath away. Tears unstoppable, hurt unbearable.

I try to take everyone's advice to "get over it", "move forward", "move on", or " this is for the best". I can see the impatience now in peoples eyes that I still hurt so much. How long is too long to grieve? I feel so shattered and broken I wonder if I can ever pick up all the pieces and ever feel whole again.
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There is a saying one day at a time. Yes, it is true everyone needs there own time to heal, but sometimes a genital reminder to keep moving forward will be healthier for the mind and stress to the body. Be kind to yourself and moving forward is healing. Staying in the pain can get you stuck there too. Reach out into the world get around people getting involved will get your mind off your pain if for just a little bit of time. This is healthier then the dwelling that is harmful. <br />
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I speak from my own truth and hope you walk thru the pain with head held high in your truth. Know your loved by us EP'ers and we are always here for you!

Sweetheart,take your time.Its your life,you can grieve how you want.I will be here for you always xxx

There is no set time for grieving and loss. Everyone is different and so are the circumstances. Don't let anyone tell you to<br />
"get over it". There is no IT. Your life has changed. It can be a mixed result; change for the better, change for the worse but it is stressfull. So no, you won't be the same<br />
as before. You will be different. We all are different after such traumatic changes in our lives.<br />
Grief is natural. Loss is natural. Healing will follow when the time is right for you.<br />
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