Want To Be A Part Of Something Again

I have been single for 6+ years (nearly 7 years) and for a while I was happy not to be tied down and in an unhappy situation.  but now that I am all healed from the past and want to move on, people have become more jaded, less interested in quality and just want sex.  Casual sex.  I have repeatedly told people that where I live (Southern California) has only shallow people.  I have great conversations with people from the East Coast and even from England.  But can't get a date to save my life.  And the guys that I do meet that are datable are so inexperienced with relationships that it is more work to get them to understand how to be in a relationship.  I don't want a project man, I want someone who knows himself and is relatively happy and can be a part of something - not just "catching up".

I'm finally ready to meet someone but there aren't any datable men (those who aren't married and looking for something on the side).  Patience is a virtue is a sucky phrase.  I'm tired of being patient.
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I feel like it is very hard if not impossible to find a normal guy or even a girl today. By normal I mean, kind, caring, respectful,honest, and maybe even smart! Of course looks do matter, they matter a lot but it seems like it's impossible to get the whole package. Most people settle with half of each- partialy good personality and not bad looks and that's why things don't work out. I don't want to settle untill I find exactly what I want.

I am available. : ) I am still looking for my soulmate good hearted gal very sweet and loving to me. : ) Lets talk.

ckirste2 - you know it isn't too much to ask. I wish more people found the one they are meant to be with rather than all the games that are out there. ::hugs to you:: I hope you find her soon.

I'm east coast as well, & I too don't do the dating sites for the same reason (you have no idea who they are, & NOTHING of what they put in their profile is valid or true), but unfortunately I also had a bad experience in hooking up with someone I thought I knew - a guy from high school, whom we talked in depth for months, then, only to discover he was quite bi-polar, (which he adamantly negated), & what a crude person he could be when he was having a bad day! So, between the sites & that experience its left me sadly very jaded & reluctant, but none-the-less still wishing to meet a great guy.

Nope, the gentleman of old is long dead. Sadly enough....

I hear ya, but I live on the east coast lol! Im 33, single mom of 2. I hate online dating because you have no idea who they are or what they're like, you just go from a picture.<br />
Men are men no matter where you go.... aren't there any gentlemen left??