I'm Tired Of Being Single

I am finally divorced after being in a ended relationship for that last 16 of the 26 year marriage. I am a romantic so it was really tough this last decade and a half of no romance. I love being with a partner and showing my love and intimacy. I long for the touch of skin to skin even if only a hand. I just don't ever meet anyone and all my friends are married so I'm the fifth wheel and usually decline to hang with the couples. I tried one of the online dating services but only got selections from older and overweight women. I would rather be with someone more like me. Active, healthy, attractive, and sexually active. Now I'm no movie star but I wouldn't be embarrassed to be naked in front of anyone and like taking care of myself. My friends say just wait and someone will come along, but at my age I can't wait forever.
happier2Bnaked happier2Bnaked
56-60, M
May 10, 2012